Wooden Bead Chandelier

Wooden bead chandelier. Looking to change up a room and give it a unique look? Why not add a wooden bead chandelier

Wooden bead chandelier are available in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and styles. But no matter which you choose, there is nothing like candle light to alter the mood of a room. You can opt for crystal, wrought iron, or even some modern creations, but the focal point will always be the candles. Obviously, real candles are a better choice than electric ones, and to spice it up, you can use colored candles. Picture red candles on a black, wooden bead chandelier and you’ll have an idea of just what you can do with this simple lighting fixture.

A bead chandelier, home design vestigial from the hippie movement, is another great way to add youth and character to any room, and paired with a wooden bead chandelier, you’re going to be set. Most beaded chandelier don’t provide the privacy of a door, but nonetheless are excellent partition in door-less doorways, or to separate a kids bedroom. wooden beaded chandelier are beautiful on windows, or even simply as wall hangings. Since beaded chandelier are made from all sorts of crafts, your taste is not limited, and neither is your class. Wooden bead chandelier.

chandelier strung from shell, plastic figurines, crystals, or large beads usually have fewer strands. The strands hang further apart, showing off the ‘”beads” from which they’ve been strung. Plastic and acrylic beaded chandelier are pretty cheap; twenty to thirty dollars. Shells and crystals are more expensive, and more sophisticated. They can cost as much as $120.

Beaded chandelier from natural wood are particularly attractive and versatile. The wood can be left its natural color, stained darker colors, or painted on. Full portraits, landscapes, and complicated patterns are common wood chandelier themes. These chandelier have more strands closer together. That and the painting makes them more expensive, in the ballpark of shell chandelier.


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