Sparkly Candle Holders

Sparkly candle holders. Fire has been a constant companion of humanity for thousands of years. While today it is often seen as a destructive, or at the very least unnecessary element, in the dark past, fire was the only light that would shine through the night, keeping predators at bay, cooking the illness out of meat, and providing warmth and comfort to lost beings floating across the surface of the earth. Today’s sparkly candle holders are merely refined versions of the primitive fire pit, a mini montage to the great force which helped us grow beyond the cave, and into the light of civilization.

Fire in the home is inherently dangerous; it can destroy, it can kill, it can ruin lives if not properly respected. The result of this is a variety of sparkly candles,  The problem with these devices is that when you remove the power inherent in the flame, you lose the reason to have a flame at all. Fire is designed to remind us of the real world, the primal world, that place where cavemen wrestled with giant beasts to provide food for their families. This is an essence that safe electronic devices simply can’t capture. Sparkly candle holders.

However it is also important to choose a device which can safely hold the candle. Beware of awkward, or overly complex pieces, that risk dripping hot wax or sending sparks flying at the merest breeze. In general a fully covered candle holder will be best. If you do choose to have a piece which lets the flame slip over the lip of the cover, then it is important that the holder be solid, steady, and resilient against disruption.


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