Seagrass Lamp Shade

Seagrass lamp shade. Seagrass lamp shades are an integral part of any kind of lamp and give the lamps their decorative uniqueness and grandeur. Seagrass lamp shades cover the lighting fixtures and deliver a soft glow, lending a serene and subtle beauty to the lamps. Seagrass lamp shades designs vary from extremely traditional and ornate to simple trendy ones. However, irrespective of their designing pattern and style, lampshades complement lamps and fascinate homeowners.

Seagrass lamp shades are made of wood. Various ornamental items are used to enhance the look and decorate these shades. Colorful cloth embroideries, beads, shells, paintings, fabrics, stained glass and prints are some of the most common materials used to decorate the shades. Hurricane gall shades are also popular lampshades, bearing a traditional look. These lampshades were used with non-electric lamps, such as gas or oil wick lamps. Seagrass lamp shade.

Seagrass lamp shades can be of various shapes, depending on the size of the lamps. These shapes may vary from round, oval, rectangular, dome, semi-circle, cylindrical and prism, to name a few. Lampshades are easy to use and can be cleaned, changed or replaced as and when necessary. However, the fancy lampshades are very delicate and require proper handling to maintain their appearance. The antique lamp shades of the early Victorian periods are highly valued and favorites with the collectors.

A collection of lampshades of different make, model, purpose and price can be found online. Buyers can view online catalogs or visit the local lampshade dealers for buying or replacing lampshades. However, the owners may change their lampshades with the changing time and fashion, reflecting their personal choice.


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