Rectangle Lamp Shades

Rectangle lamp shades. It’s easy to ruin a good lamp with a poor choice of lamp shade. The lamp shade carries both decorative and functional uses so it shouldn’t be neglected when choosing soft furnishings for a room in your home.

The first public lanterns were introduced in Paris in the 17th century as a means to light up the roads at night. Reflectors were first used in Milan in the 18th century to project the light downwards.

Before being distracted by colour and design, it’s important to look at the shape of the lamp first. If your lamp has a round base then a round shade is usually the best option. A square base lends itself better to a square or angular shade. This isn’t an exact science however. If you look outside the box you may find exceptions to the rule. If the table the lamp sits on is round and the lamp base is square, a round shade may compliment it perfectly.

You will need a tape measure for the next bit. Measure the height of your lamp. The rectangle lamp shade should roughly be two-thirds the height of the lamp. If you pick a shade which is too tall the overall effect will be too heavy, whilst choosing a shade which is too short will have the opposite effect. It’s important to get the proportion just right. To choose the correct width for a rectangle lamp shades you need to measure the width of the lamp base and multiply this number by two. Rectangle lamp shades.

A lamp is both a decorative and functional feature in your home. When choosing a rectangle lamp shades width for example, it’s important to check the location of the lamp, to ensure that it isn’t knocked over every time someone walks past. It’s also easy to forget the main purpose of a light shade – to diffuse the light that the containing light source emits. Translucent materials such as fabric or paper are ideal for creating an ambient light source within a room.


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