Pendant Light Ceiling Plate

Pendant light ceiling plate. One of the biggest trends in interior lighting design today, pendant light ceiling plate are some of the most versatile lighting options. Often featuring unique designs with diffusers, pendants allow for an even, widespread light quality.

Because they strike the perfect balance between formal and casual, they’re perfect for use in a wide array of surroundings. Because they also tend to be modern/contemporary in appearance, so they are sure to appeal to anyone who wishes to add oomph to their space. Here are some ideas for achieving an up-to-the-minute look:

– In the foyer/entry. Many people today are choosing to forego a traditional chandelier in the foyer, and choosing a stylish pendant light ceiling plate instead. These work particularly well in entryways with high ceilings. If your foyer is particularly large or grand, choose a pendant that provides plenty of wattage and has a “tall” (not flat) design. You may also consider adding an easy-to-install dimmer switch.

– In the kitchen. Add a pendant over the kitchen sink, or any other area where additional task (directed) lighting would be beneficial. To get the most task lighting, choose a design that has a solid coating, focusing light down and out. Pendant light ceiling plate.

– Children’s rooms. There are a variety of “novelty” style ceiling pendants out there with fun themes especially for children. From spaceships to sports, there is a ceiling pendant to make every child feel special. Elk Lighting, in particular, offers a large collection of novelty pieces.

– Breakfast Areas. Because they are often smaller in width than chandeliers, pendant light ceiling plate are excellent for use over small breakfast nooks. Since they’re also less formal, they offer a cozy touch to these areas.


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