Cordless Table Lamps with Shade

Cordless table lamps with shade. As you may have guessed, cordless table lamps with shade refers to any kind of lighting that does not rely on lengthy cables that plug into the mains, in order for them to work. You may be familiar with battery powered lights and lamps. ie torches and camping lanterns, but there is also an increase in demand for cordless table lamps with shade in the commercial sector due the diversity and practicality. We all know that battery powered lamps have their place in the market, but the main downside is the lifespan (and therefore relative cost) and quality of light.

Cordless table lamps with shade is available in a variety of forms, and the term itself is slightly broad and ambiguous. In the context of this article, we specifically refer to cordless lighting as a means of replacing wax candles & plug-in table lamps for restaurants and hotels. The main reason most table lighting needs a mains electricity source is due to the power required to light up a high light-output bulb. However innovations in current LED technology means that the need for incandescent bulbs is falling, and modern LED bulbs can have the same, if not higher light output, whilst requiring a fraction of the energy to power them.

Finally, the most recent innovation in cordless table lamps with shade is their application to replace traditional burning candles in restaurants and venues that require something a little more ambient. Due to their efficiency, the small LED light sources have resulted in an endless amount of designs and styles that are literally indistinguishable from traditional wax candles. These flameless candles not only eliminate ANY risk associated with a burning flame, they also save huge amounts of money in replacement costs, and can be placed in an endless amount of places that only a burning candle would dream of. All of this is achievable without compromising on the main feature – the warm, soft, flickering flame effect that lures so many people into candlelight.


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