Caged Ceiling Fan with Light

Caged ceiling fan with light. Caged ceiling fan with light have been around a while now. Those of us in the south, tend to have one in almost every room. And to start they were all pretty much the same.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with caged ceiling fan with light. A finish should blend in in almost any room. It is hard to find a room with no furniture in it anywhere. And if you truly don’t have any like furniture in your house. There is always standard white, just blends in with the white ceilings we all have. The ceiling hugger fans generally sit very close to the ceiling, as implied. But on a high speed, they can’t suck in the air they need, so you have this fan on high, and won’t feel as though you are getting as much air as you would out of one hanging from a rod.

That all said, there are fans so different from caged ceiling fan with light as to look almost outrageous. We now have fans that have huge blades that look like giant plant leaves, to imitate the days of servants waving big leaves to keep their masters cool. And we have always seen those round fans in a cage, the ones that generally sit on a floor or a table. The now have taken those kinds of fans, and mounted them (yes, more than one) to a rod from the ceiling so that while the blades turn, so to do the fans. Reminds me of a ride at the fair.

So whether your tastes lean to the more modern, or the more caged ceiling fan with light, there is bound to be one out there that fits your needs.


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