Bulk Votive Candle Holders

Bulk votive candle holders. It’s unlikely that you’ve attended a ceremonial offering but if you have then you are aware of the use of bulk votive candle holders in the ceremony. Bulk votive candle holders have made their way through the ages to become one of the most popular forms of intimate candles there are. Even restaurants have beat out ritual ceremonies in votive use. Votives create a sense of serenity and relaxation and even add a note of romance in an intimate setting. They are small candle holders about two inches in diameter which stand about an inch tall. They are often fitted with aluminum candle holders to prevent a wax spill and fire. Most of the times they are white but you can find them in all kinds of colors now. And they are usually sold in bulk.

Because they are so small and affordable you can use a lot of bulk votive candle holders to accent a room’s lighting. They can create dramatic effects when many are placed in one area of a room or outdoors. You can use them to light walkways for example. Some outdoor bulk votive candle holders are made with citronella to keep mosquitoes away. Votives are also very popular at weddings. They are the perfect accessory for a tight wedding budget. To give you an example of pricing, when you buy in bulk you probably won’t pay more than $40 for a bag of 500. That’s how inexpensive they are. Bulk votive candle holders.

At a wedding you can place the candles at each place setting for the reception and dinner. They can be used a wedding favors or to accent the mood of the first dance. Because of their small size you can really get creative with making candle holders for them. Usually bulk votive candle holders are small glass cup-like vases that hold individual candles but your imagination is the only thing to prevent you from using anything. Think of the beach and all the seashells you find along the shore. These can make nice candle holders.

Whatever the setting or event, bulk votive candle holders are as functional as other candles and the price is right at any level of use.


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