Antique Ceiling Lights

Antique ceiling lights. An antique or vintage ceiling fan is one that has been manufactured at anytime between 1890 and 1950. They cover every era from the Victorian, Art Nuevo, Art Deco, Art Moderne, and others. These fans served the homeowner in the same way the fans today do. They kept rooms cool and comfortable. The antique ceiling fan is the one manufactured and used beginning in 1890. This was the Victorian ceiling fan. The Victorian fan had lights that were commonly used in that era which were shaped like inverted tulips and generally came in a rose colored glass. The blades were made of wood. The Victorian fan was and is attractive. We say it is attractive because it is still in use today.

The antique fan that may have stopped working for some reason or was damaged in transit from one place to another can be repaired and restored to its original beauty. In restoration you may have newer parts replaced to make it look like an antique but run like a modern day ceiling fan. This may be somewhat costly but to those that like the antique look it is worth the expense. If you have an older home or, if you live in a Victorian house, you may want to consider a restored Victorian fan to make your house more completely antique. If you are only interested in your house appearing to be antique Victorian then you can buy a Victorian-like modern fan. Antique ceiling lights.

As we said earlier, the antique fan comes in many styles from the modern style to the Victorian style and others. Whichever style you choose the cost of restoration, if it is needed, is well worth it for the comfort and elegance it will bring into your home. The Victorian era was noted for its simple but elegant lines and was also noted for the utmost in cleanliness.

Choosing an antique ceiling fan will not just add comfort and elegance to your home it will add value to your home because it is special.

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